Data access

We welcome collaborations from public health agencies, healthcare and social services institutions, community-based organizations and academic institutions.

Please contact us at to discuss your needs and learn about our procedures and policies.


MAVIPAN was developped to be a research initiative that serves the scientific community, health and social service organizations, community-based organizations, citizens and our community at large. However, MAVIPAN is a research project that generates a substantial database and must comply with the ethical guidelines and rules that govern it.

Please note that priority access to MAVIPAN data is currently given to MAVIPAN members and partners (e.g. Public Health Department), but we are working on a wider access procedure.

Prior to submitting a research question, it is recommended that you contact the MAVIPAN study coordinator at to discuss your needs in general. However, please read carefully the information contained in the document below before making contact.


Data access modalities (in French – to be translated soon)